Frequently Asked Questions 

Check out our FAQs below to see what people want to know !​


What should I do if I'm interested in training?

Either give us a call or email if you want to let us know you're interested or to arrange a day to start.  

Feel free to just turn up to a class and watch to see what we do.  You can watch as many times as you want! ​


What do I do when I want to start?


To begin training just turn up. You will need loose clothing and bare feet until you get a karate suit.

You will need to fill a out a membership form and pay the nightly lesson fee of £10.

Temporary membership is granted for a few lessons after which you will need to become a full member.


How do I become a 'Full Member'? 


You need to fill out a membership application form which you should already have done. 

Then you just need to pay the annual membership fee of £30 - thats it!​


How often are the gradings?

Gradings are normally held 4 times a year - March, June, September & December.

Students are invited to attempt gradings if the instructors think you are ready.​


How do I get a karate suit?

You can get a karate suit from us when you are ready. They cost approximately £30 for a standard suit depending on the size​.

You can also get a suit yourself elsewhere.  Just make sure its white all over. No colours allowed!


Do I need to be fit before starting?

No.  You should begin karate at your own pace, no matter what your age, so you should gently get used to the training.   So you become fit for karate by doing the training.

As always, if you are unsure about any issue with your health, you should consult your doctor prior to training.​


How long does it take to get a Black Belt?

Adults normally take between 4 and 5 years.​


How big are the classes?

Our classes are currently quite small because we no longer take children and have for the last few years not taken any new adult beginners.


Are there men and women in the class?

Yes. One of the instructors is also a lady.








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